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Over 25 years of marketing experience


Mineola Magazine simply exists to help business owners effectively and affordably reach much-needed customers. Over the years of working with small businesses, I have learned a few undeniable truths. You can not wait for customers to find you, if so they often find an out of business sign. Being proactive is always the best practice, yet it all comes at a price. Becoming a sponsor of your local community magazine places your business in a favorable position and does so in an inexpensive way. Mineola Magazine has taken painstaking efforts to design our pricing structure to fit any size budget. We have designed our distribution to maximize both "in print" and online "digital" presence, giving the best of both worlds at a low cost. We are always working to find another corner to cut for our sponsors in saving more money and time. We are here to help, please give us a call or contact us through email.

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