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We finally made it. 2020 is in the rearview mirror and hopefully, a brighter year is on the horizon. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it. Pandemics, politics, hurricanes, and more hate speech from all over the state and country. It almost makes me ask, God what did we do wrong. How can all of this craziness be happening? Is this punishment or a cruel joke?

Well, the fact is I don’t believe it is any of the above. Into every year a little rain will fall. Sometimes it is a shower, and sometimes it’s more like a monsoon. Nevertheless, this too shall pass. The year 2020 will not define us as a society. It can not determine how we move forward, it just simply can’t. If we allow it we are certainly doomed and life as we know it is forever changed.

Through wars, depression, civil unrest, and racial tensions we have always made it through. That’s what Americans do. That is what makes the United States the strongest and most respected country on the planet.

With all that said, please excuse me if I go a little off-script. People, people, people, please stop the nonsensical arguing. Stop the backstabbing and bickering. It is not productive and is only serving to tear down, rather than build up. Making a point does not need to turn into a threat or a condescending remark. It is destructive. There still has to be decency and kindness.

I totally believe that there is a silver lining on the horizon. It is not a political one. It is not a self-serving one. It is the hope that civilization can return to a sense of normalcy, and people can come back into the sun and not fear sickness or ridicule for political or religious beliefs.  After all, that’s what America stands for, and what makes it tick. My freedom does not overshadow yours, and yours does not diminish mine. When it’s all over, and one day soon it will be, we all must still live together. Take it easy on your neighbor, and he should take it easy on you. Have a great month.

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