• Glenn Moore


I am sure that I do not have to remind anyone reading this that we live in the greatest country on Earth. For 244 years the United States has served as a beacon of hope and strength all over the world.

We are a country that is rich, not only in a monetary way but in a moral way. We have always taken a great interest in the well being of others, the less fortunate, the hungry and poor, and those that can not defend themselves. Living in the United States does indeed invoke a great sense of pride.

In having such great fortune to live in a country that is so blessed with opportunity and freedom, it becomes even more crucial to recognize the need to be thankful for what we have and our standing as Americans.

Luke 12:48 says “To whomever, much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked.” This surely would indicate that as Americans, we should make an attempt to lift up those who may be less fortunate and need our help.

I believe that everyone should open their eyes to an unmet need. It doesn’t take much effort to identify a need, and offer help. The need is literally everywhere, you just need to be sensitive and ultimately willing to get involved.

In virtually every community there are shelters, food banks, food kitchens, and the list goes on, that desperately need monetary help in their mission to help. If you can not contribute monetarily, there are many hours needed from volunteers. In many cases, your time is needed more than your money.

Give thanks this year at Thanksgiving, not only for what is on your table and those around it but for the great fortune that is yours simply by being born in America. In leading up to the holidays, ask yourself, how can I make a difference? Then open your eyes and be prepared to react. The opportunities are great and if you are truly seeking them they will present themselves.

America is blessed beyond measure. I would offer the opinion, that we don’t deserve what we have, but therein lies the definition of God’s grace and his blessing. Lindale Magazine wishes everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

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