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Delivering marketing solutions

Media Strategy

So many small business owners have thrown in the towel with marketing. The cost is just too much, or reach is just too little. Mineola Magazine solves the age-old problem. Mineola Magazine offers a plan for every budget, just give a call or email for more information.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a crucial piece of your advertising pie. Carving out a slice for digital is often very pricey, not to mention confusing. Mineola Magazine gives you a digital presence at no charge. When you advertise with us, your online presence is free. 

Branding & Identity

Immediate name recognition is a fable. It simply doesn't work. Mineola Magazine is a branding tool. People build confidence in your name through repetition. Ask Coca Cola or McDonald's if Branding advertising works. IT DOES!


Social Marketing

People live on their phones. The cell phone has become a way of life. It is our lifeline and connection to everyone we know and do business with. Mineola Magazine shares our digital issues into thousands of Facebook groups and feeds each month. In addition, we sponsor and control several giveaways through Facebook each month. All of this is purposed to give our sponsors maximum exposure.



Although the design is something we naturally do in magazine production, we also offer design services to our customers. We actually design and build ads at no charge but we can also design logos, flyers, and brochures. If you have the need, we are happy to help. ​


We are always looking for local content. If you know of an individual or business that goes above and beyond for their community, we would love to know. Offering informative articles about varied subjects, local and otherwise, keeps our readers coming back. Contact us!


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